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I'm loved?

Counters, man!

22. Feb 2009

I take it she is dead, then.

Apparently they told her that I love her, and then the father, in a whimsical moment, told her I'm gonna go to Cambridge or the other place and do great things. Which makes me happy. It's what she would have wanted to hear.

And then she squeezed Eileen's hand, and then my dad's, and over the next few seconds her pulse grew sparser and sparser, and then just... wasn't there any more. It's the best way to die, I guess. No seizures, no contractions, no convulsions or groans, just passing away. Apparently the high dose of diamorphine was too much for her heart to take, and that was what made it 'just stop'. That makes sense, I think.

It's sinking in a bit, now. It'll sink in more when I go to the funeral, and when we sort out her belongings. I know she left me and my sisters £2000 (yes - I gasped too. Sharp intake of breath time. She was quite rich, but it was all in savings and she never did take it out of the bank and enjoy it) so I imagine that'll go in my university fund, which is looking an awful lot healthier now. (I didn't have one before this. 'Sup, Cambridge? I'll pay my tuition fees in brilliance, wit, references to 1980s comedies, and car-jacking!' I think not.) We'll have to sort out her stuff, too... there'll be jewellery and ornaments and furniture to sort out, along with photos and things. That part might be quite interesting.

I look forwards to having Rise and Fall of the Third Reich back, because she gave me it.

Also, I can function. I'm quite proud. I thought I'd be a nervous wreck. Still, the prospect of doing work in the remainder of today doesn't exactly fill me with joy.


22. Feb 2009

In a way, you almost remind me of Amber - dying of something minor because your kidneys are totally shot. I mean, I doubt everything else wrong with you helped, but the infection that your kidneys can't handle is the thing that'll finally carry you off.

Writer's Block: Heart to Heart

Valentine's Day: love it or hate it?

Hate it.

And not even because I'm single and bitter. I'm in a relationship - two, in fact - and I'm rarely without offers. But the commercialisation, the whole fact that people think they love each other, the meaningless of relationships, how each single 'individual' one follows the same pattern... it disgusts me. It's scary, how even feelings can become forced and meaningless. Not even emotion's authentic any more.

24. Jan 2009

Also, my head really hurts. I think I might have knocked it. I can't remember.


15. Jan 2009

Looking at photos from last August, I can feel the sunlight on me even now.

Also, I am drunk.

It feels like it's Friday, but it's not. I guess I'll find that out in the morning.


15. Jan 2009

Umfrage #1331832 Make my decisions for me.

Do I take History or German?


I am equally good at both and enjoy both equally. The teaching is more consistent for German - most of the teachers suck equally - whereas one of the teachers I know for History is REALLY GOOD but boring, and the other has been rubbish all through lower school, but is apparently good for A-level.

I am already planning on taking Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Further Maths, so I want something that I can take and do the AS before dropping it at the end of Y12. German might be better for that, and it has the advantage that I want to be fluent in German, and have native German speakers in my family. However, I am also excessively good at History (full marks in all my coursework so far) and I love that, and can manage it on my own.

In short, both of them are good ideas. Disadvantages - German has a speaking element which I have problems with, and I think for History you have to study the Tudors for part of it, which I hate. But you also get to do the Russian Revolution, I think, and the unification of Germany, which I love... but I really want to speak fluent German, and I may do a degree with a year in continental Europe, where it'd come in handy, and... too many decisions.


11. Jan 2009

You know you're getting depressed/lonely/cold/bitter/alienated/overworked/stressed/ill [delete as appropriate] when you have to shut the internet down in disgust that every advert you ever see is about love or sex.


Writer's Block: Church and State

Today in 1893 U.S. President Benjamin Harrison declared full amnesty for Mormon polygamists. Is it the government's place to define which marriages are valid and which are not?


If you just read the one-word answer above, I'll bet right now you're thinking that I'm for banning gay marriage, for saying that 'marriage is only valid between a small section of the population'. But I think that since religion can influence what the government does, even though it shouldn't be able to, then the government should be able to influence what religion does.

I believe that the government should declare any marriage between consenting adults legal, no matter how many consenting adults there are, or what genders, ethnicities, or anything else you care to mention that they are of. But I believe that government safeguards are needed to stop damaging types of relationships from being legal - adults marrying children, forced marriages, incestuous marriages. If the goverment said that any form of partnership between anyone whatsoever was fine, then although only a tiny number of people would abuse the law, it'd make a number of unpleasant things rather more easy to access.

That said, that relies on the government being a sensible one, that will legalise all forms of marriage between consenting adults. Which we really don't have at the moment. But... in an ideal world, it would be government-regulated, albeit loosely.

1. Jan 2009


Flake is selling his car on eBay.

I guess if you don't speak German or like Rammstein or Feeling B, this link won't mean very much to you. So... that makes maybe one person it'll be relevant to? Haha.

It has 22 hours to go, and is 'das ultimative Geschenk', apparently, so if you have a spare few thousand euros, you know you want it! It's even signed by the man :D

31. Dez 2008

Funny, how things change.

This time last year, I could never have predicted what 2008 would hold.

I'm beginning to think that 2009 will be different and amazing in ways I can't imagine at the moment. So, you know, bring it on. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


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